Our company's focus is on helping employers, like you, create a hiring system that includes online assessments that enable you to hire honest, productive employees and build effective management teams. Our clients include small, medium and large companies from a variety of industries.

Our customized programs will take you from hiring one new employee to training a whole department or company using validated assessments to provide in-depth, accurate information about personality traits, behavioral style, integrity, work ethic, substance abuse issues, aptitude, and outside and retail sales skills. We work very closely with you to ensure that your hiring system or professional development program is efficient, consistent, legal and successful.
Job Seekers
We help professionals to find right hiring decision while avoiding the trap of gut feelings and the candidate's spinning of abilities. It is a complete employment testing system featuring three stand-alone assessments: Employment verifications, Relevant Skill and Communication.

All of these assessments are administered using the Internet, paper/pencil test booklets, or from an offsite location in less than 20 minutes each. The reports are available for review immediately and include suggested interview questions and training and management tips. The reports also include a distortion score which rates how frank and candid the candidate was when he/she answered the questions and how reliable the results are.
HR Consultancy
We provide HR Solutions to satisfy the most demanding HR needs of employers. Our professionals have a collective experience in human resource management in diverse industry verticals. We bring in our expertise to design HR systems, policies and processes that help you scale up your business without getting bogged down with HR issues. We partner in your progress to make the journey smooth. Following are some of the activities listed which we do.

Organization Structuring, Compensation & Best HR practices benchmarking, Recruitment System design, HR Manual/policy, Employee retention program, Periodic appraisal system etc.
Personality Development Program
Our Personality Development Training Module is an interactive guide in search of achievement. The most important tool in the quest for success is self-confidence. We need motivation, determination, dedication and perseverance to compete in the race for success. Our Program cover various topics and situations, to one's personality development by kindling one's potential and enhancing it manifold in a non-taxing, self educative and easy to absorb approach enhances presentation skills. We cover the areas as follows -

Concept sessions on personality, Interview and Group Discussion Sessions, Video-recording of Group Discussion (GD), Simulated interviews, Real life case studies, Guiding manuals and one-to-one interaction with the mentor, Intensive one-to-one feedback on each and every session, Review sessions after each GD and Interview call